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ATX Power Supply
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November 30, 2009

Crucial System Scanner

Enermax Revolution 950W PSU Review

In the world of PCs, the power supply is often the most misunderstood component.  CPUs, memory, and graphics cards all have easily quantifiable units of measurement that make purchasing easy, whether it be from specifications or benchmarks.  Power supplies, however, are not easily benchmarked, and the method of determining the power rating of a particular unit is nebulous at best. 

Because of the wide variance in quality, and the loosely defined ratings of many units, branding has become a huge factor in choosing the right power supply for your system.  Fortunately, today we have a unit from Enermax, which has been a long time enthusiast favorite due to their long history of making quality, reliable power supplies.  Today we look at a unit from their new Revolution line, this time in the form of a 950 watt unit.   


The packaging for the Revolution goes for the simplistic-yet-elegant style, with a black box and white typeface.  The box also shows off some of the features of the power supply, such as the 80 Plus Silver certification, and SLI compatibility.

The power supply itself utilizes a textured black motif, with a red inlay for the fan.  "Revolution 85+" is stamped on both sides in bright white lettering.

Here is a closer look at the side of the unit.  Again, we can see the white lettering, as well as some stamped in arrows near the top.  We can also better see the texturing from this angle as well.

The back of the unit utilizes the popular honeycomb grid for venting air out of the case.  Notice the extra fat power switch and the LED near the top.  The LED glows amber when power is present, and green when the system is powered on.

The opposite side of the power supply shows us the interface for the modular cables, with the PCI-e 6+2 pin cables plugging into the red sockets, and everything else going into the black sockets. 

Here is a nice close-up of the fan, with the red inlay.  The fan itself has nice clear blades, making it easier to view the insides of the power supply itself. 


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