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Ultra320 SCSI Hard Drive

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January 30th, 2003

Crucial System Scanner


     For the benchmarks, I'll be sticking primarily with Hard Drive Tach. HDT is the most widely used hard drive benchmarking program out there. Best of all, it is free for download. I'll also toss in a SiSoft Sandra test for those of you who rely on it to inform you on how your system is running.

     Remember, the following tests on the Seagate 10K.6 are in single drive configuration only. To show you just how fast this SCSI drive is, I'll compare it to the top dog in the IDE world, the Western Digital Special Edition 80gig hard drive. Here we go...

Seagate 10K.6

     I ran well over 30 tests over the period of 5 days. Each time the results were nearly identical. The maximum read speed is right around 69,000kps with the drive dropping off to about 37,000kps toward the end. That gives us an average of right around 55,400kps. Also, notice how smooth the data transfer is.

SiSoft Sandra (click thumbnail for larger image)

     Sandra has lots of great benchmarking utilities, but the drive benchmark tests have always been a little flaky. Many times the benchmarks will be extremely inconsistent, therefore, unreliable. Anyway, this little comparison will give you a good idea of where the 10K.6 stands against other setups.

Single 80gig WD, 8mb Cache, IDE Hard Drive.

     Here's a perfect example of just how fast SCSI is compared to IDE. Above is a benchmark of what is arguably the best IDE hard drive on the market today, the Western Digital 80gig Special Edition. Let's take a closer look at the difference SCSI makes:

Maximum Transfer Rate

Minimum Transfer Rate

Average Transfer Rate

     As you can clearly see, even the best IDE hard drive can't keep up with SCSI. Now think about running multiple Ultra320 hard drives in RAID and maxing out the 320 mbps transfer rate!

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