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Desktop ATX Enclosure

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October 15, 2005


Crucial System Scanner


Lian-Li V880 Desktop ATX Enclosure

    The home theater PC market is fast becoming more mainstream as more and more enthusiasts are discovering the advantages of paring their home entertainment system with the power of a high end PC.  This increased market has not escaped the attention of the designers at Lian-Li.  Today we are looking at the latest in their HTPC line, the PC-V880. With the V-series cases, Lian-Li has taken the traditional desktop style and created a new line of Home Theater Aluminum cases. Lets see what the PC-V880 has to offer!

     Opening the case of a new Lian-Li is sort of like being handed the keys to a new Ferrari.  Each Lian-Li case is a precision sculpted design that pairs the sculpted aluminum  looks with the high performance demanded by the cutting edge Custom PC builder.  The PC-880 is no exception.  The front of the case shows the brushed aluminum paired with a stripe of nlack mesh for venting.  The drives are covered by removable matching bay covers.

     A closer look at the front shows the most common ports are available for easy access.  The silver Aluminum theme is carried into the buttons as well.  Lian-Li has accented the case with the same serrated edge last seen in the V800.

     The side shows the mesh ventilation not just on the flat surfaces but on the curved edges of the back corners as well.  The case is quite large compared to most HTPC designs, measuring in at 320x160x465 mm (about 18x16x7 inches.)  The PC-V880 is not a SFF case at all, it will hold any standard size ATX motherboard.  All this real estate looks great in person, but like all brushed Aluminum, it is difficult to accurately photograph!



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