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Deluxe Gaming Chassis
Product Provided by: Lian Li

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September 10th, 2008

Crucial System Scanner


A little while back we reviewed Lian Li's PC-A7110, a luxury full tower case with all the bells and whistles that reaffirmed our believe that Lian Li still has what it takes to produce the finest computer chassis on the market today. I also mentioned in that review how Lian Li is better known for producing "elegant and professional" looking computer cases. Lian Li cases are normally targeted more towards professional environments where elegance trumps bling and fad. However, Lian Li had produced a very limited number of "theme" cases for ATi to show off at conventions and LAN Parties. At the time these ATi themed cases were not available to the public but have since then gone into full production. The PC-P80 is a ultra high quality case with more style than I've ever seen in a Lian Li case, but Lian Li has taken it one step further with the special edition ATiCrossFireX PC-P80R. The PC-P80R is a hand crafted all aluminum case with a hair lined brushed anodized finish on the inside and out. I've seen a lot of impressive custom computers in my time, but there is just something about Lian Li style that make the PC-P80R stand out from everything I've seen. Let's take a closer look at this red beauty!  

The first thing that catches your eye is the incredible cherry red brushed anodized finish. I've always loved Lian Li's anodized finish because it's what makes a Lian Li case. It's unmistakable. However, I've never seen a red Lian Li case or any "red" case that looked this good.

Even the PC-P80R box makes a statement. My sample was shipped direct from Taiwan so the box itself wasn't in that great of shape, but the case itself was packed good enough that it didn't sustain any damage and arrived in tiptop shape. 

Before we start digging too deep, let's go over the details of the PC-P80R. 


Case Type Super Full Tower 
Dimensions  220 x 633 x 610 (W, H,D) 
Front bezel Material Aluminum 
Color RED 
Side Panel ATI Crossfire™ X Theme side window 
Body Material Aluminum 
5.25" drive bay (External) 12 
3.5" drive bay (External)
3.5" drive bay (Internal) 6 (Using 6 x 5.25 
Expansion Slot 10 
Motherboard EATX, ATX, M-ATX 
System Fan (Front) 3 x 14cm LED fan (800~1180RPM) 
System Fan (Top) 1 x 14cm LED fan (800~1180RPM) 
System Fan (Rear) 1 x 12cm LED fan (1020 ~1500RPM) 
I/O Ports USB2.0 x 4, IEEE1394 x 1, E-SATA x1, HD+AC97 Audio 

To sum it up, the PC-P80R is a "hand crafted" full tower case. There are no cheap plastic parts to break off and no goofy plastic moldings. This is an all aluminum case designed and built by some of the most highly skilled craftsman in Taiwan. A person could easily stamp "Made In America" on this baby and you would never know the difference.


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