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ATX chassis

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May 1st, 2007


Crucial System Scanner


     When it comes to building your own high performance PC, we all want our case to stand out from the crowd.  All that time and money just doesn't belong in some generic beige box!  Thankfully the manufacturers have responded with an ever changing range of PC chassis options.  But what if its not enough to have the latest windowed case?  Our friends over at SilverPC's have the answer; the Luxor Pyramid case.  We think outside the box for this build today at the Club!

     You don't have to spend much time here at the club to know we love good product packaging but nothing could prepare me for the massive box that arrived from SilverPC's.  This monster box measures 24" x 19" x 19" but can't weigh over 9 pounds.

The packaging opens to reveal the acrylic top piece and the users manual.  That's just the tip of the iceberg..

     The next layer peals back to give us our first look at the pyramid shape that gives the Luxor its name.  If you are planning on traveling to the next LAN with this bad boy, you will probably want to keep the rest of the packaging to keep things safe.  This is also our first look at the specifications.


  • Color: Black, Silver
  • Dimension: 16.25 inch x 26 inch x 16.25 inch (wxhxd)
  • Drive bays: 5.25 inch x 2; 3.5 inch internal hard disk bay x 1; 3.5 inch external disk bay x 1
  • Fan: 80mm LED ball bearing fan x 2 (top); 80mm ball bearing fan (bottom) x 2
  • Motherboard Type: ATX M/B (max size: 12 inch x 9.6 inch)
  • Expansion Slots: PCI Slot x 6
  • Front USB: USB2.0 x 2; IEEE1394 x 1; Mic x 1; Audio Out x 1; Video Out x 1
  • Weight: 7.5lbs
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Brushed Aluminum Finish
  • Acrylic Top
  • Removable Motherboard Tray for Easy Upgrades
  • Hard Drive Anti-Vibration System
  • Switch for Acrylic Top Light On/Off
  • Thumb Screws for Ease of Use

Finishing the unpacking reveals the Luxor securely packaged all the way down to the chassis itself.

     And finally, the Luxor Pyramid is revealed!  The pyramid shape measures 16.25 inches across at the base and stands 26 inches tall.  The all aluminum construction weighs in at a slim 7.5 lbs despite the pyramid shape making this one of the largest cases I have ever worked with.  Each of the four sides is accented with six separate acrylic windows.

     The Luxor is also available in a black color that will more closely match the real Luxor.  However, it does look like the black version of the Luxor Pyramid does not have the side windows.

     The front panel opens to reveal support for two audio outputs, a mic output, two USB 2.0 ports and a IEEE 1394 port.  Each of the acrylic windows is held in place by what appears to be a double sided sticky tape. Despite the efforts to pack things securely, several of the windows came loose during shipping.  Simply reseating the windows seems to be all that is required but long term additional steps may need to be taken to keep things secure.

     The Luxor ships with the Users Manual, the acrylic top piece, and enough mounting hardware to cover any supported installation.  Several extra thumbscrews have been included as well.



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