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ATX Media PC Chasis
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January 2nd, 2009

Crucial System Scanner

Today we will be looking at the latest Multimedia chassis from GMC, the noblesse K-2 Ebony.  The Ebony is a full featured all in one ATX tower designed to provide all of the multimedia options you might need with a look the will nicely complement you expensive Hi-Fi components.  The Ebony is not your typical Home Theater PC chassis, lets take a closer look!


As you might expect from a case named Ebony, the case is offered in a sleek black color accented with a subtle grey or as a silver with black accents.  While this color is challenging to photograph, it looks fantastic in person.  From the first glance it is clear the Ebony brings the gadgets!  The lighting for the several different multimedia gizmos is easy to read even at a distance without becoming an eyesore like so many other HTPC lighting.  Plus, you can always turn it off!


Sometimes its easier to think of the Ebony as "The One With Everything."  Between the back lit memory card reader the multi-function system controller and the VFD display, you have several popular case add-ons at your disposal right out of the box.  This also goes a long way towards justifying that lavish price tag.  The GMC site does mention an Ebony Lite Version but no additional information was available at this time.


All-In-One Multimedia PC Case

  • The new generation of computer case with a Hi-Fi Look
  • Supports up to full ATX
  • Provides multi-operation software through iMedian
  • The best solution for multimedia such as TV, Music, Movie and photos
  • User-Friendly IrDA remote controller

Front Panel Functions

  • Provides system information and EQ visualization in 16x2 VFD display
  • Volume control and mute functions
  • Multi-Memory Card Reader (9-in-1)
  • System condition LCD display
  • Hot Key Navigatoion Jog button in front panel
  • Music and Movie control by play control button

Excellent Thermal Solutions

  • Rear : 80mm Fan X 2 (Optional)
  • Fan controller
  • Thermometer and Fan Speed LCD display
  • Air duct and PCI express air hole in side panel, meets Intel CAG 1.1

Easy Installation

  • Screwless 3.5" and 5.25" drivebays (supports ODD and HDD sliding rails)
  • Easy front-panel removing design

Safe Assembly

  • Folded edge for each part

USB 2.0 FPIO Support

  • Supports USB 2.0 x 4 HD Audio / microphone port FPIO
  • Supports IEEE1394 x 1


  • Padlock


Dimension ( W x D x H )

  • Chassis : 7.9 X 18.5 X 17.3 inch
  • Carton Box : 10.3 X 19.8 X 24.4 inch


  • Black

Multi Port

  • USB 2.0 x 4port, Audio + MIC port, 1394 port


  • LCD Display

Form Factor

  • ATX

Drive Bay

  • 5.25” x 2 / 3.5” x 4 (Int)

Expansion Slots

  • 7 Slots

M/B Size

  • Full ATX


  • 22 lbs / Gross : 26.4 lbs


  • Front : 140mm x 1pcs
  • Rear : 120mm x 1pcs

CAG 1.1

  • 120mm Air duct and Air hole for PCI express


  • K-2 EBONY Lite Version

Remote Control

  • IrDA Remocon, 16*2 VFD Display

Fan Control

  • Front&Rear Fan Control (Noise Control)

Software CD

  • Software for remote controlling
  • Support VISTA, Windows XP and MCE


The Ebony arrived with a tray of accessories firmly attached to the motherboard mounts in the presorted tray shown here.  The Users Guide and included remote control round out the accessories.  The guide is a hefty gloss manual that covers the installation of the hardware and software required to run all of the extra controls.  Additional documentation is provided on the included software CD.


The remote can be used to control the included iMON and iMEDIAN software from SoundGraph or any application you might be using to run your HTPC.

Pad1. Application Exit : Closing the active window or Closing Multi Median. <ALT+F4>

2. Power : Turn On/OFF the system.

3. Media Control Button group 1. Play/Pause/Open/Prev./Next/Rew./F.Fwd/Stop

4. Mouse/Keyboard button : Switching the usage of PAD controller between mouse and keyboard 4 way arrow keys.

5. PAD controller : Mouse cursor control & 4 arrow Keys

6. Windows Button

7. Menu Button

8. iMEDIAN : Running ’iMEDIAN‘

9. Application Launcher : Running Application Launcher, Easiest way to run the assigned applications.

10. Task Switcher : Running Task Switcher, select the application window among the running applications. <ALT +TAB>

11. iMON Timer : Running iMON Timer, management of power on/off and alarm schedule.

12. VOL/CH Button : Control of Volume and TV channel

13. Media Control Button Group 2.
* Short-cut buttons to move to my Movie, Music, Photo,TV in running iMEDIAN.
* Movie Tip : Use Aspect Ratio and Full Screen Button.





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